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Earn More Money 100$ Per Month with Your Photography

 Tips to Earn Money 100$ Per Month With Stock Photography. 

1. Research Popular Themes

When building your portfolio, pay attention to the marketability of the topics. For example, there is much less to tell about a photo of a frosted twig than a portrait of a couple in love. You don't easily come across such an image in a publication. Research which subjects sell well at an image bank before submitting photos. 

Earn More Money with Photography

2. Get Out the Door at the Right Time

Stock photos with eye-catching colors immediately stand out in the search results of your potential customers. If you are going to work outside, it is therefore important to keep an eye on the weather forecast in advance. Sunny days with a clear blue sky are best avoided. The bright sunlight creates distracting, harsh shadows. Heavily cloudy days produce very gray and gray photos. So it takes some planning and luck for the ideal weather conditions.

3. Give the Customer a Choice

It must look familiar to you. For example, you have photographed a beautiful windmill at sunrise and you continue to look for other photogenic spots. Stick to one subject and photograph from different angles, in different seasons, in different weather, etc. When photographing people, think about variation in actions and facial expressions. For example, you can portray a businessman on the phone, working on his laptop and writing in his notepad.

4. Provide a Clear Main Subject

Choose a clear composition and try to avoid disturbing elements. In a good stock photo, the main subject is immediately clear. Objects, people and animals that have no place in the picture quickly make for a messy photo. Think, for example, of a stray tree branch that just sticks into the photo or a person who is half in the frame.

5. Findability is Everything

Last but not least; provide a good description of your photos. You can have such a nice portfolio, but without good findability you are nowhere. Every stock agency has different rules, but in general you have to come up with a title, description and keywords. Describe clearly and extensively which subject you have photographed. For example, if you have taken a photo of a cake, do not choose 'hmmm..delicious!' as the title, but for example 'birthday cake with burning candles'. It is useful to put yourself in the customer's shoes and consider which words you would use to find a photo. The better terms you use, the higher your chance of sales.

Hope these tips would be beneficial for you. So keep these points in mind next time whenever you click something.

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