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What is URL Shortener & How to Earn Money from URL Shortener?

 Actually URL is the web address of any web page present in the Internet. And when you shorten this Web Address, a new Web Address is created. So now the question comes that how is a web address i.e. URL shortened? So let us tell you that there are many URL Shortener Websites available on the Internet, which shorten any URL for you. To shorten a URL, you have to enter that URL in any of your favorite URL Shortener Website. In return, this Shortener Website gives you a new and shorter URL.

What is URL Shortener?

URL Shortener is a type of Website or App through which we can convert a large URL into a small URL. If you are a Blogger, Youtuber , or Digital Marketer by profession, then you must have seen that sometimes some URLs are longer than necessary, due to which people hold back from clicking on URLs like these. You can make it absolutely short with the help of Shortener Website. When we shorten a large URL from the URL Shortener website, then after that the URL Shortener website gives us a short link.

How to Earn Money from URL Shortener ?

Now we will tell you how to make money by creating short URL. If a person goes to a web page by clicking on the given link of the URL Shortener Website, then he first goes to the URL Shortener Website where he sees some ads, after 3 or 5 seconds he goes to the Main Web page. The URL shortener website pays you money when the ad is displayed. In this you get money and the visitor gets to see only one or two ads.

By Facebook: With the help of Facebook, you can earn good money from URL shortener. Here you can create Facebook group or Facebook page and you can paste short URL of any trending video. Whenever any user will click on your short URL then you will earn money.

By Telegram: By creating a Telegram channel, you can earn good money there with the help of URL shortener. For this you have to create a channel on Telegram, you can create a movie channel there. When people click to watch full movie with the help of your shortened URL then some ad will be shown on URL shortener link. You will earn well with the help of these ads.

By WhatsApp: With the help of WhatsApp, you can earn good money from URL shortener. You have to shorten your link and give any link. After clicking on the link, the URL shortener website will show them an ad and you will earn well from that ad.

By Referring: By referring, you can earn good money from URL shortener, for this you have to invite and add people to the URL shortener website. You have to share your referring link with your friends and if your friends join the link then you will get good commission.

How to Earn Money from URL Shortener

Best URL Shortener Website to Make Money

  1. Shorte.le
    If you want to shorten a big URL, then Shorte.le can be the Best URL Shortener Website for you. If we talk about pay rates, then it is for US Audience, It offers the highest pay rates up to $14.04. Through this website, you can earn $ 3 to $ 8 from 1000 views. You also get a commission of up to 20 percent for joining by referring.
  2. Adf.ly
    If you want to earn money by shortening any URL, then Adf.ly can be the best URL shortener website for you. It is considered one of the highest paying URL shortener on the web. On this URL shortener website, you get at least $5 to $15 for 1000 views. When you have minimum 5 dollars in your account then you can withdraw your earnings from PayPal and Payoneer.
  3. Za.gl
    Za.gl is one of the best URL Shortener Websites where you can shorten any links in absolutely no time and also earn money from it by sharing. This site also gives you good payout and gives it on time.
  4. short.am
    Through this you can earn a lot of money along with shortening your link, and you can earn money through PayPal, or in your bank account. With the help of this URL shortener, you can easily get around $5 to $20 on 1000 views.

Apart from this, there are many such URL shorteners on the Internet, which give you money for viewing views by shortening the URL. If you also earn money from URL shortener, then you can use the methods mentioned above.

Conclusion: Hope you have liked our today's post How to Earn Money from URL shortner website, along with this you got information about URL Shortener Website. If this article was beneficial for you, then do share it with your friends on social media

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