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What is Health Insurance, Car Rental & Property Insurance?

 What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is none other than the sickness branch of social security. It was set up to cover the risks of diseases of all kinds and therefore the consultations and care. But also to cover expenses in case of pregnancy, to provide coverage in case of temporary disability, or in the event of death with a funeral package.

However, to be properly cared for, it is important to take different steps. Affiliation to social security is the first step to be taken. Indeed, the latter is a mandatory scheme, being a state body that supports health insurance. To benefit from health insurance, it is therefore important to become an affiliate, and thus pay social security contributions.

The Difference Between Mutual and Insurance

A priori, there is not much difference between a mutual and insurance, especially in terms of their actions. It is at the level of the system of their status that the difference arises. Indeed, a mutual is based on the codes of mutuality when for insurance, complementary insurance companies are governed by the Insurance Code. Thus, a mutual is a non-profit organization whose principle is based on the solidarity of members who pay dues. These are not based on the health of the members. The contributions of an insurance company are calculated according to the state of health of each insured, following a questionnaire of health.


With regard to social security, it reimburses all or part of the expenses incurred for medical expenses for medical consultations, medications, hospitalization expenses, dental expenses, fees for consultations and care. ophthalmic and others. A mutual reimburses the insured according to agreed rates already in place. In the case of mutuals, they reimburse expenses for medical expenses that have remained the responsibility of the insured after a refund of social security. The reimbursement of user fees is based on rates agreed by social security. Depending on the contract chosen with the mutual, the reimbursement rate can vary.


The choice of a mutual must be based on various criteria, in the first place the guarantees that the contract proposes. The basic guarantees are often common to all mutuals, we must look at additional guarantees to make the difference. Then there is the level of coverage that varies according to the mutuals. The offers are not the same, so everyone can see what suits him. We must also see if there is access to third-party payment service to facilitate the various regulations and finally see if it is interesting for the subscriber to choose a supplemental health. The amount of the annual contribution depends on various factors such as the contract chosen as well as the composition of the household and its income. In all cases, the choice must be made according to the real needs of the subscriber. There are different types of mutuals for different categories of people.

What is Health Insurance, Car Rental & Property Insurance?

What is Car Rental Insurance?

Renting a car reveals a practical solution for a weekend or for a long-term holiday. However, it is important to take out car rental insurance to cover itself in the event of a loss, otherwise the renter driver himself will incur all the expenses related to the possible damages which can cost very expensive.

The Basic Insurance Offered by the Renters

The minimum that each renter must offer is obligatorily the liability insurance (RC). This only covers the repair of damage to the other car, its driver and passengers in the event of an accident. The cover does not concern the rental car or the tenant driver.

In addition to liability insurance, renters can offer services accompanied by deductibles. The deductible is only applicable if the renter driver is partially or totally responsible for the incident. If the rental car insurance contract provides for a deductible, the auto renter will only pay the deductible, otherwise all amounts relating to the accident will remain in his charge in the event of an accident.

The franchise may vary from one lessor to another, the amount of the franchise or the conditions of application (ceilings and claims concerned) must be determined before the signing of the lease. It should be noted that the model of rented car has an influence on the amount of the deductible. For a luxury car, the amount is often higher than a city car. It is advisable to make an inventory of the vehicle and to formalize in writing any anomaly found before any commitment. This avoids the payment of a heavy deductible to the return of the car.

Additional Insurance

Taking into account the journeys to be made and the risks that may arise, it is possible to extend the guarantees of car insurance to cover theft, breakdowns, punctures or even breakage of ice and many more.

– Damage Waiver or CDW Collision is the property damage benefit which consists of buying back one-third of the franchise.

– Theft Protection or TP is the guarantee of theft. There is yet another insurance for vandalism called TPC, and also a very expensive franchise that includes theft and vandalism guarantees.

– Personal Accident and Baggage Insurance or PAI is the individual guarantee of the driver and his passengers in case of bodily injury. Medical and technical assistance will be provided by the insurance company.

– Supercover or SCDW is the complete guarantee of damage and theft. This formula is the most powerful and protective.

If the Renter Driver Already has Car Insurance :

You must check the insurance contract with the insurer if the rental case is included in the contract to cover the bodily injury of the driver when he drives a rental car. It also happens that some contracts buy the insurance companies from the lessors. This implies that the insurer will take care of the payment of the sums that the renter leaves to the load of the tenant driver in case of disaster.

What is Property Insurance?

The borrower insurance is most often solicited by the banks before they grant any mortgage. One has the choice to opt for the contract proposed by the bank itself or to appeal to an external insurance company. Although it is not mandatory, the borrower is fully entitled to make this provision to avoid litigation related to a death, a work stoppage (work accident, depression related to the profession, etc.). , disability, etc. What must we know before subscribing? How do you know if the benefits of a company are reliable or not?

What Does It Take to Have a Suitable Property Insurance ?

When we decide to apply for a home loan to help us complete our construction or real estate purchase projects, loan insurance intervenes to avoid any problems that may arise when the person in question is not more able to repay the credits. This is when the insurance company must take over. The first thing to do before any procedure is to get information on the subject, either online or from recognized professionals. One can also take the option to inquire with the phone number, an insurance company that focuses on the interest of its customers.

The Criteria to Consider Before Choosing a Property Insurance

Generally, lenders claim insurance companies to cover death, loss of autonomy, which may involve unfitness to work, and incapacity. Job loss is most often optional. The company guaranteeing the loan insurance must present us with a list of the necessary documents, an information sheet allowing us to make a comparison and a personalized form including the criteria relating to each case. If you choose to opt for another company than the one offered by the lending institution, you must ensure that the contract is up to the level of guarantee required by the lending institution.

The Possibility of a Resilient Real Estate Insurance Contract

One of the questions that often arises is the possibility of breaking the premarket insurance contract. Sometimes we can find insurance companies offering more interesting offers, so we want to know if we can cancel his insurance borrower. In addition, you should always pay attention to the content of the guarantees, especially since the compensation may vary according to various criteria, such as the degree of disability. You also have to think about putting your loan to maturity before you retire.

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