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How to Earn Money on Facebook $500 Every Day?

 Hello Friends, If we use any social media app then sometimes we think that how to earn money from this social media? In such a situation, if we are using Facebook social media app, then we must think that how to earn money from Facebook? In this era of internet, today everyone is using the famous social media app Facebook. You will definitely get to see the Facebook app in almost all your friends' smartphones.

Some people use Facebook social media for entertainment while some people use it to earn money. If you also want to know about how to earn 500$ from Facebook, then you can read this article.

To earn money from Facebook, you need to have some things:

If you are thinking how to earn money on Facebook then you must have a mobile or computer.

You should also have good internet to earn money from Facebook.

To earn money from Facebook, you must have some internet knowledge.

If you have some skill then you can earn good money from Facebook.

$500 Every Day Make Money from Facebook

Crores of people are using Facebook. But Facebook is not only used for entertainment but also for earning money. In such a situation, many people have a question that when do they get money from Facebook? In today's time, many people are earning dollars per month by working on Facebook, so friends, if you also want to know about "how to make $500 from Facebook", then today's post will be very beneficial for you. In this post, we will tell you about some such ways to earn money from Facebook.

Make $500 Money from Facebook

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook

Although there are many ways to make money from Facebook, so let us know about all the ways to earn money from Facebook one by one:

Earn Money from Facebook Page

Let us tell you that the original & genuine way to earn money from Facebook is Facebook pages, the way we upload videos on YouTube and earn money by monetizing YouTube Channel. Similarly, when we create a Facebook page and upload a video on it, Facebook also pays us according to the View + Ads that appear on our video.

Earn Money through Facebook Group

On Facebook, you can also earn money very easily through Facebook Groups. To earn money through Facebook group, first of all you have to create a Facebook group which you can create through your Facebook account. After creating a Facebook group, you have to add more and more members to your group. The more members you have on your Facebook group, the more benefits you will get.

Earn Money from Facebook by Creating Video Content

The trend of short videos, FB Watch and Reels is being seen a lot nowadays, so why not take advantage of this and earn money! In this, we can upload short videos between 15 to 1 minute and bring our talent among the people. But now many people are also using Facebook Reels to earn money. You also have to pay attention to this method.

Creating Your Own Affiliate Page on Facebook

If you want to earn money for free, then you can join affiliate marketing on any e-commerce website and you can earn money from affiliate marketing by posting the link of all the products on your Facebook Group and Page. By doing this, you can join the affiliate service of many companies and can make money from affiliate marketing.

How Many Followers do you Get Paid on Facebook?

If you have 10,000 followers on Facebook page, you do not get direct money but you definitely become eligible to get money. However, for this you will also have to complete 3000 hours of watch time on your page. After this your page will be eligible for monetization and you can start earning money from Facebook page.


Of course we can earn money from Facebook but if you are thinking that you will become rich overnight from Facebook then you are wrong. To earn money from Facebook, you have to work hard and upload content in a creative way. Then only you can earn money from Facebook.

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